Styling Your Resume

Ah, resumes. There is so much information out there on resumes that it can quickly become overwhelming. Use color, don’t use color. Add your education, skip your education. Not only is there an enormous amount of information on how to put together your resume, most of it is contradictory, making the simple task of creating your resume a nightmare. So you write your name at the top, click save, and go back to painting your nails. Trust us, we’ve been there.

We’re here to make resume-writing easier for those going into the beauty industry, whether you want to be a stylist, makeup artist, esthetician, or something else. It’s natural that since you’re not looking for a standard office job that your resume should look a little different from your friends going into accounting or marketing. These resume tips are just for you. The tips are designed with the needs and expectations of salons and spas, not offices.

Here is what to include on your resumes in the beauty industry.

Style It Like You Do Best

The beauty industry is looking for someone with style, so don’t be afraid to let your style show on your resume! A word of caution—don’t go overboard with different fonts or colors. Master the art of keeping your resume clean, simple, and professional, while having a pop of personality. This could mean making just your name a different font and color, or adding a line of color between sections. You know best when it comes to styling, so channel your inner creativity.

Highlight Your Areas of Expertise

The first section of your resume should focus on the things you do best. You could list these in bullets, or have them in a box. Some ideas for this section include airbrush camouflage, special effects, acne/rosacea treatments, inventory management, facial massage, bridal makeup, or laser hair removal. Determine what makes you unique and skilled in your area of work.

Share Your Experience

While education is a must, employers want to know first and foremost what your experience is. The bulk of your resume should be relative, previous jobs. List everything that applies, and unless your experience is scarce, leave out jobs like babysitting, lifeguarding, or your office internship. Focus on your past jobs that directly relate to the position you are applying for. Retail experience is typically relatable, as well as customer service. The best jobs to include will be those in the beauty industry, like previous salon jobs.

Education is a Must

In beauty and wellness, education is crucial. Employers want their clients to be in good hands, meaning stylists and specialists must have the knowledge to make the salon compete with other local businesses. If you have a great education, flaunt it girl! Education is what gives you a competitive advantage and no one can take your degree or certification away.

Licenses and Certifications

That leads us to the next point. Any licenses or certifications from massage therapy to makeup artistry should also be listed on your resume. Make this a separate section at the bottom of your resume. As with education, this is what gives you that competitive edge. Even if you’re applying to be a hair stylist, include your makeup artistry too if you have it. The more beauty experiences the better.

On a final note, be your authentic self. Don’t feel like you have to be in a professional box. You can let your personality shine where you see fit. Employers are looking for people who can build lasting relationships with their clients.

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